Land Drainage

For all people that live in a floodplain this service will give you peace of mind.

Land Drainage

If you live in the following areas of Hull: Kingswood, Sutton, Molescroft, Hedon or Barton-Upon-Humber you are more likely to have problems with poor soil drainage due to the high content of blue clay in the soil. This issue can affect anybody who has blue clay in their gardens as it acts as a water barrier and doesn’t allow the water to soak into the ground. You may have noticed that your lawn looks diseased or full of moss, you may also have a lot of surface water on your lawn; this could mean the kids won’t have a safe place to play and your pets will end up treading mud and dirty water through the house, giving you extra housework.


Many factors can contribute to poor land drainage: having a north facing garden; the current trend of warm wet winters, which leads to more ground water that doesn’t dissipate; or the actual location of your land in relation to your neighbours where your garden may act like a valley, collecting run-off water during periods of wet weather. You may find that water accumulates on patios and driveways during rain storms and permeates into the surrounding grassy areas or notice water leaking from drain pipes and running from the house or garage roof. That water has to go somewhere - yes, you guessed it – your garden!

Waiting for the water to seep away is not the answer. Standing water will be an ongoing issue, year after year, until the problem is fixed. Maplewood Landscapes offer a full land drainage service that will take care of your existing lawn.

Depending on the severity of the problem, we may have to employ several techniques to ensure the land drains effectively.

Here are some of our techniques that can help you:

  • We can do this by applying sharp sand to the soil to prepare it for turfing,
  • We may have to create soakaway holes that are filled with gravel to enable drainage.
  • In severe cases, we can also lay flexible pipes which are placed under the turf in gravel channels which enable the water to flow into soakaway holes to ensure you’ll have a well-drained lawn that all the family can enjoy.

Our online gallery will give you an idea of what’s involved in the process. 

Call Maplewood Landscapes for a no obligation, stress free quote today, and find out how your lawn can be looking luscious and vibrant once more.

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