Planting and Borders

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Planting, Borders and Raised Beds

We offer a full planting service. This varies from a single tree planting to a hedge to a full border planting scheme. Planting is the most enjoyable part of our job. Designing borders that will give all year round colour to a garden is very rewarding. With our years of planting experience we can create any style you wish.

Alongside this, we offer a wide range of hedging plants such as Laurel, Taxus, Beech, Buxus, Privet, Leylandii, Paracantha. All of these have different uses in hedging from contemporary looks to blocking out nosy neighbours! Whatever it is when can supply and plant it.

A popular product with people who don't have the time to garden but still want it to look vibrant is low maintenance evergreen borders. Plants such as Hebes, Spireas, Potentilla, Cornus, Dogwood, Beggersons Gold, Skimmia, Cotoneasters, Photinas are just a few we recommend.

Alongside all you amazing plants we can offer placing raised beds in made from wooden sleepers which has become very popular  with our customers as it sets off your planting area and still gives your garden amazing space.

Planting (Flower Planting & Tree Planting), is one of Maplewood Landscapes main specialties and also one of our most popular services that we provide for our customers. We provide planting services in the Hull & East Yorkshire for hundred of customer every year, and even provide our services to the Commercial sectors.

Take a look through our online gallery and see just how good our finish is compared to other Landscaping companies

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